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Break These Habits to Protect the Clutch on Your Vehicle

You must maintain your clutch if you don’t want to experience transmission issues in Colorado. Consult the best clutch shop repair Parker, as soon as a potential issue emerges, and avoid applying more force than necessary to the clutch. Never use your clutch to stop while driving on a hill, learn how to shift properly, and don’t haul more than your car can manage. Continue reading if you want to protect your car’s clutch and you are aware that you need to break some unhealthy behaviors.


Poor Shifting


The handling of the car is the primary distinction between an automatic and manual transmission that a driver will make. With a manual transmission, you will be responsible for changing gears on your own. You’ll experience transmission issues if you don’t know how to correctly shift gears. Many motorists don’t wait for the clutch to fully disengage before changing gears. Even releasing your clutch before you are fully in gear will swiftly injure your clutch, since this can result in everything from disc warping to the premature warping of the dampener springs. To safeguard your clutch, shift carefully and completely every time.


Fires and Towing


Make sure you have the necessary towing capacity if you purchased a heavy-duty truck expressly to haul your ATVs or dirt motorcycles to the course every weekend. Avoid attempting to tow more weight than your car can handle to avoid damaging your clutch. Peeling out from a stoplight will also severely damage your clutch, speaking of burnouts. To keep yours in good shape, avoid these two issues.


Taking Hold on a Hill


Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to use the clutch instead of the brake, and if you’re on a slope, it’s even worse. When you’re stopped on a slope, utilize your emergency brake to prevent rollback rather of depending solely on your clutch to keep from rolling or blowing up your clutch.

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